Dr Clive R. Spray

Dr. Clive R Spray Phd - Chief Chemist and Owner of SprayLabs.com is
A well respected author and editor of Nutritional Sciences publications,
worked at the development of new anti-cancer drugs and new analgesic products based on opiates,
co-authored/published over 50 research papers on plant growth regulation etc. at UCLA
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8-11-10 Dr Spray
QSciences VitaChat
16 min Steve Smith - validation of Oral Sprays
2-06-10 Dr Steinert
QSciences VitaChat
29 min

A Trip Down Digestive Lane, Part 1 - by Dr Maarlon Steinert
How the digestive system works and why Oral Sprays are so important.

6-12-10 Dr Spray
QSciences VitaChat
23 min The Basics - The NEED for Nutritional Support
6-05-10 Dr Spray
QSciences VitaChat
23 min B-12
4-17-10 Dr Spray
QSciences VitaChat
22 min Multiple - The Basics - News Media and Reader Digest ignoring documented medical fact - Nutrition supplementation is necessary
2-13-10 Dr Spray
QSciences VitaChat
19 min Sleep
1-24-09 Dr Spray
QSciences VitaChat
12 min C + Zinc
1-31-09 Dr Spray
QSciences VitaChat
35 min Sleep
QSciences VitaChat
1-21-09 Doctors
QSciences VitaChat
19 min Dr. Spray - - Nathan Krantz ND of Netherlands on why and how products help Bariatric patients.
2008 Calls
1-10-08 Thurs Vita-Chat
QSciences VitaChat
36 min Dr. Clive Spray - Explaning Oral Sprays
1-16-08 Wed. Doctors
Vita-Mist Medical
29 min Medical Advisory Board & Dr. Clive Spray - The RDA and Spray Vitamins
1-17-08 Thurs
QSciences Vitachat
32 min Dr Spray continues info on ADD/ADHD
1-24-08 Thurs
26 min Dr Spray and Dr Taylor discuss low Vit E levels, Vit D & Heart risk along with testimony on autistic and MS
2-27-08 Doctors Call
Spray Vitamin Oral absorption
37 min Medical Advisory Board - Dr. Clive Spray, Dr. Taylor, Dr. Williams and "Dr" Steve Smith ( tested results )
7/23/08 Doctors Call
Spray Vitamin Oral absorption
37 min Dr. Clive Spray - Medical Community lack of interest in Nutrition. Dr Kit Taylor- Cellular restoration - Dr. Stiener - What's wrong with our diets? Dr. Williams- Diebetic Nuropathy. Steve Smith- Studies show spray vitamins work.
7-24-08 Vitachat
Spray Vitamin Oral absorption
31 min Dr. Clive Spray introduces Mark Rosales of CardioGrade - The importance of Arginine and Vitamin D
8/27/08 Doctors Call
Spray Vitamin Oral absorption
39 min Why Nutrition & Vitamin D, Do we need, what type & Why -- Dr Clive R Spray. Dr. Kit Taylor- Dr James Martin- Obesity and Nutritional Weight Loss. Dr Peter Williams- Benefits of Vitamin D
1-31-08 Thursday
Spray Vitamin Oral absorption
25 min Dr Spray discusses the history of Vitamins with Dr Taylor and a special guest from Ireland.
2-07-08 Thursday
Spray Vitamin Oral absorption
31 min Dr Spray & Steve Smith - Heart Healthy, Homocistine and Dementia

Imagine not having to choke on those large pills and suffer morning sickness? Imagine peaceful and natural sleep? Imagine stress releaf without medication?
Now you can - with Qsciences Oral Spray Nutrients

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The Physician's Desk Reference details the absorption rate of various types of products in chart form, indicating that pills, gel caps and sub-lingual products have low absorption rates in the body. Qsciences Molecular Oral spray technology has near 100% absorption

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This site is produced and copyrighted by team member ID # 16810, Ted & Kathryn Kapela in New York, USA
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