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You may order these exceptional Oral Sprays below ,

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2 Sprays 4 times a day or 4 sprays twice a day

Molecular Oral Spray Nutritionals
For that quick energy boost, safely with Oral Sprays from Q Sciences and Spray Labs

B12 Oral Spray- 30 day supply


Even if you are outside, most people do not get enough D3

Vitamin D3 Oral Spray - 30 Day Supply

Looking for that product that will help you sleep without the "drugged" feeling and drowsey morning wake up. Well here it is, in a convienent Oral Spray from Q Sciences

Q Sleep - Safe sound sleep and wake up refreshed

You will be amazed how well this works any time of the day

Q Boost - Metabolism boost for weight management in an Oral Spray

The combination of Vitamin C and the mineral Zinc has long been known to aid with a cold. Highly effective Oral Spray from Q Sciences WILL surprise you on how well it works, any time  of the day and as many times needed.

Q C+ - Vitamin C plus Zinc, a necessary product during winter - in an Oral Spray. Click Here For Why -- to see all about Vitamins.

Do we need to say more? It just works!

Q Relief - exactly what it means, joint and more, pain relief in an Oral Spray

Protandim, the Nrf2 Synergizer, the most important dietary supplement of our time.

Protandim - Reduce oxidative stress damage, proven, patented and clinically documented - average 40% in 30 days
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Qsciences Oral Sprays, the ultimate nutrition. No jungle juices to transport, highly effective oral absorption    Sleep soundly tonight without medication or pills. Qsciences Oral Sprays are fast acting leaving no aftereffects    

These aren't your Mom's vitamins.
Recent studies have shown that with vitamin pills, you receive nothing, or at best,less than 10% of your daily vitamins.
160 Million Americans Get their Vitamins from pills each day
Or Do They?
                          Q sprays are the answer!


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