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Ganoderma lucidum is the scientific name for Red Mushrooms, and is said to be more powerful than Ginseng. Known as the "Miraculous King of Herbs", it is called Lingzhi in China; Reishi in Japan and Youngchi in Korea.

For thousands of years, Ganoderma Lucidum, a kind of medicinal fungi, has been highly regarded by the Chinese as the "Miraculous King of Herbs." Ganoderma is said to be able to improve the body's healing ability, maintain a healthy body and promote longevity. Ganoderma has been shrouded in mystery for more than 1,000 years. Under the attentive research done by domestic and foreign scholars in recent years, as well as the cooperative analysis and clinical experiments done by hospitals, colleges and pharmaceutical manufacturers, Ganoderma has the ability to assist the body to operate more effectively, efficiently and optimally.

Many ailments are caused by the imbalance of body functions due to the accumulation of toxins in the body. Ganoderma helps the body remove the build-up of toxins and allows the body's natural immune system to strengthen itself.

Ganoderma aids in the cleansing and detoxifying the body. In doing so, it helps to regulate and rejuvenate the body functions and strengthen the immune system. Modern clinical research also supports many of the uses for this mushroom as described in traditional medicine. It benefits immune health, cardiovascular health, and liver function. Reishi is also frequently used by mountain climbers to combat altitude sickness and is contained in many of the performance enhancing herbal formulas used by Chinese athletes.

Reishi was first categorized as a "Superior Medicine (herb) in "Shinnoh Honzohkyo" and also in the "Chinese Outline of Herbs" written by Li Sze Tsun of the Ming Dynasty. In both texts, Reishi has been ranked the Number One Herb, ahead of Ginseng which is ranked Number Two among the 365 recognized herbs. In "Shinnoh Honzohkyo", six kinds of Reishi (blue, red, yellow, white, black and purple) are fully explained and the red one has been enjoying the most favorable reputation among them.

"RED REISHI" - there are no side effects, it cures lumps on the lungs, benefits the breath, increases wisdom while nurturing the body, cures forgetfulness, and when taken for a long time keeps the body light and youthful like a god translated from "Shinnoh Honzohkyo".

Reishi - Myth or Reality - See the short movie from Gano Excel

RED REISHI is referred to as a "Superior Medicine" because when compared to the ordinary medicine it has the following superior qualities:

1. Daily consumption is acceptable and has no side effects.
2. Regular consumption of Reishi will regulate bodily functions to its normal forms.
3. Its medical power is effective in all organ functions.

"Reishi” is the Japanese name for the fruiting body of Ganoderma lucidum, one of the most well-known herbal remedies in traditional Chinese medicine. This species of the Polyporaceae family of fungus is also commonly referred to as Ling zhi, or "God's Herb". Companies in Japan are particularly heralded for developing cultivation and manufacturing techniques that yield the highest quality Reishi in the world, a reputation that has been strengthened by the Japanese government’s strict regulation of the domestic Reishi industry.

The use of Reishi as a dietary supplement has been documented in Chinese pharmacopoeia since approximately second century B.C. However, its rarity and long cultivation period meant that Reishi's health benefits were historically limited to royalty or aristocracy. In the 1970s, several successful methods of cultivating Reishi were finally developed and as a result, the natural supplement that was once exclusive to the wealthy is now readily available to the general public. Based on numerous cases of improvement shown in patients with serious illnesses such as cancer and hepatitis who used Reishi products, a number of countries including China and the UK are now researching the medical applications of Reishi more extensively.

Of particular interest to researchers is the exceptional concentration of polysaccharides – which have been linked to aiding cancer remission, normalizing blood-sugar levels, and strengthening the immune system – in high quality red Reishi specimens. In fact, many of the most potent Reishi products in the market today are created from red Reishi. See - Reishi: Positive Cancer Treatments

In contrast with conventional symptom-based treatment methods that depend heavily on medications with significant side effects, Reishi’s proponents claim that it bears the characteristics of a preventative adaptogen which serves to improve general health and body functions with no side-effects. Ginseng is currently more widely-used as an adaptogen in Western medicine than Reishi, but both are categorized in traditional Chinese medicine texts as supplements with the greatest potential for medical efficacy.

In the Orient, Reishi is considered a Fu Zhen herb (immune modulation). Presently, Reishi has various applications including lowering or raising blood pressure, stimulating liver actions, blood cleansing, and acting as an adaptogen in helping the body fight the effects of stress. Chinese herbalists prize it for its abilities to regenerate the liver. In high doses, and to some degree normal doses, Ganoderma maybe classified as a liver detoxicant and protectant.

In traditional Oriental applications Reishi is also used to treat insomnia, gastric ulcers, neurasthenia, arthritis, nephritis, asthma, bronchitis, hypertension and poisoning. It is also being used in treating neuromuscular disorders -- stress-induced tension, myasthenia gravis and muscular dystrophy -- all with varying degrees of success.

Toxicity studies show no toxic effects on humans. In research, patients are given much higher doses, as high as 10 grams of extract per day, with no ill effects.

Physicians around the world have paid high attention to "ADAPTOGEN", which is one of the healing properties that the Reishi possesses. In Japan, reports from hospitals and medical research centers on Reishi's medicinal values have been astonishing. The whole mysterious character of Reishi is not yet known, but it is believed that the main medical function of Reishi is to aid blood circulation and increase the metabolic activities of cells inside the human body and also help the proper functioning of all internal organs. It can also strengthen poor health and increase the natural immunity of the body. It is most effective in the curing of diseases which arise from poor blood circulation. It also helps attain long life and beauty.

More research is being conducted and the vast number of such works adequately attest to the complexity and inviolability of the research matter. Summarized from these reports, it is found that reishi have the following properties:
- improves cholesterosis, coronary insufficiency
- improves hyper and hypotensions
- improves nervous tension, neurosis
- improves chronic bronchitis, hepatitis
- improves leukocytopenia and reticuloendothelial system
- effective in numerous other ailments.

"Reishi eliminates cholesterol build-up and promotes blood circulation. When there is a built-up of starch, protein or fatty acids in the blood stream, cholesterosis arise."

"Another clinical test involved 10 hypertensive patients who were given 3.5 gm of reishi extracts for 20 weeks. 30% of the subjects were treated with reishi; the other 70% a combination with other medications. ..... Reishi's efficacy in stabilizing blood pressures is shown without a doubt in the test data, and its ability to improve diastolic condition is by far its most valuable function. Subsequently, serum cholesterol related symptoms like stiffness, fatigue, headache, dizziness etc. gradually disappeared. Long term use of reishi did not show any harmful side-effects. "

Reishi Prevents Phlebitis and Thrombosis
Reishi is capable of Normalizing and Improving Allergic Reactions.
Reishi can prevent Metastasis of Cancer

" Reishi and its Effectiveness Against other Ailments
Conclusively, clinical observations have indisputable proof of reishi's efficacy against cholesterosis, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, fatty liver, hemorrhoid, tooth-infections, obesity and various problems that arise from high serum cholesterol level compounded by a lack of blood circulation. Reishi is also recognized to have some effect in cases of stroke, cerebravascular accident, coronary insufficiency, myocardial infarction, phlebitis etc. - problems that arise directly from arterial blockage. Furthermore, it is found to be effective in treatment of typical dermatitis, bronchitis asthma, allergy rhinitis, chronic hepatitis etc. - problems related to allergic reactions. Reishi inhibits thrombi to facilitate medication absorption; it also has an additive effect that strengthens the prostate gland situated between the bladder and the urinary tract. It has the same effect on the early stage of diabetes mellitus. Bladder infection is accompanied by the usual thrombi formation. Treatments with reishi arrest the latter thus eliminating complications within a short period. Other clinical tests showed that administering reishi instead of insulin can reverse blood sugar level back to normal after one year. Medical complications associated with diabetes also disappeared. "

"David Law writes: ( Triump over Hepatitus C )

The Reishi mushroom can increase the production of interleukin1 and 2, resulting in inhibition of tumor growth. Studies show that Reishi can have a number of other positive effects on the body such as analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-viral (through its interferon production), lowers blood pressure. It also acts as a cardiotonic by lowering serum and increasing the production of interleukin 1 and 2, which results in inhibition of tumor cholesterol, expectorant, anti-tissue, liver protecting and detoxifying, protection against ionizing radiation, antibacterial, and anti-HIV activity. (46) "

"The Spore with More: The Medicinal Power of Mushrooms - Delicious! Online, 7/01 - "Reishi is also one of eight herbs combined in a specialized formula known as PC SPES, which has shown remarkable success in suppressing the symptoms of prostate cancer" "


During the early stages of consuming the Reishi, one may experience dizziness, sore bones, itchy skin, have increased bowel movements, hardening of the feces, and/or pimple-like eruptions appearing on various parts of the body. For some people, diarrhea may occur but it will subside between two to five days and thereafter will stop. The time frame may vary from person to person. The excretion of accumulated body poisons and vigorous activities of body metabolism are the normal signs of recovery and they indicate that the medicinal properties of Reishi are functioning well. Such irregularities differ between individuals and will eventually disappear as the body accustoms to the regular use of Reishi. Although, Reishi may have many physiological reactions due to the medicinal effect, it does not produce any side effects that are associated with most chemical drugs.

The "recovery symptoms" is the normal response in medical treatments as stated in the old Chinese medicine text, "Sheung Shu". Persons suffering from problems of the liver, kidney, stomach, intestine or pancreas, bronchitis, measles, constipation, rheumatism, arthritis, diabetes, headaches and other allergies will respond very easily with the above-mentioned, "recovery symptoms". Such reactions are only temporary, lasting only a few days until the body adjusts to the overall improved activity from consuming Reishi. Daily consumption of large amounts of water is recommended.


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Liquid Gold
A Healthier coffee for you, a smooth Gourmet taste with less acidity at an affordable wholesale price

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