Caffeine: It's the world's most popular psychoactive drug - buzzing our brains, fraying our nerves, robbing our sleep. And we simply refuse to survive without it. Link

A testimony for a better way, "Powerful Brew", Lets Live Magazine, April 2005 states " Coffee that's good for you? A cup of Reishi can stop acid reflux and clear acne." Link

Studies suggest that extroverted people are less sensitive to caffeine's effects than introverts. Link

Pain relievers fortified with caffeine have proven more effective than the analgesics used alone. Link

The robusta coffee beans used in less expensive brands contain almost twice as much caffeine as the arabica beans favored by coffee connoisseurs. Link

Military studies of subjects who hadn't slept for 48 hours showed that 600 mg of caffeine improved alertness and mood as much as 20 mg of amphetamine. Link

Going without caffeine for a day and a half increases blood flow in the brain, which may explain why people get headaches when they first give it up. Link

Caffeine is so acrid that it's used as a standard for "bitter" in training professional food tasters. Link

The caffeine extracted from coffee beans to make decaf is sold to drug and soft drink manufacturers. Link

Caffeine is being developed as a pesticide for slugs and snails. Link

A university student in Wales committed suicide in 2002 when he deliberately swallowed caffeine pills equivalent to 100 cups of coffee. Link

Black tea, green tea, and oolong are all made from the same plant; the differences in taste and color come from their processing. Link

One of the newest products to which the stimulant has been added: "Coffee tights" are panty hose with caffeine woven into their threads to supposedly help shrink thighs. Link

Vietnam is now the second largest producer of coffee worldwide, but it's largely a nation of tea drinkers. Link

Cigarette smoking nearly doubles the rate at which the body metabolizes caffeine. Link

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